Chiron #2.

Chiron #2.

“Decide no suit, until you have heard both sides speak.” -fragment, “Precepts of Chiron” maybe by Hesiod

Chiron #2. mixed media on interoffice envelope 15 x 10″

purchase info HERE

Chiron #2.

The drawing is done in hard light graphite pencil which turns silvery in most light and the piece is hard to photograph. I decided it’s a feature not a problem, but it is a problem to show the piece on the internets.

I plopped it on a flatbed scanner and tried that way. Here is a detail shot.

Chiron #2. (detail)

Anyway. Why does Chiron have human legs? In the oldest ancient Greek images, he was given human legs to set him apart from the centaurs, who were a rowdy bunch and not at all learned. He was also shown wearing clothing, because he was civilized.

The Romans preferred to depict him with equine legs only, and they also gave him horsey ears.

Oh goody there is an image on wikimedia commons, so I can show you.

And another:


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