How to Be a Woman (Advice from Other Women)


Why, I Would

Don’t talk about gender. Talk about gender all the time. Only talk about gender on panels designated for talking about gender. Gender plays no role in your career. Everything in your career is colored by gender. Look at everything through a gender lens. Stop using the phrase “gender lens.”

Feminism is over. Feminism just means equality. Feminism means acknowledging how historical inequality affects the present. Feminism is annoying. Feminism is for those who can’t make it on their own qualifications. Shut up about feminism. Feminism is no fun.

Lean in. Work twice as hard as a man would. Work half as hard as a man would. Lean back. Use power poses. Fake it ’til you make it. Smile. Don’t smile so much. Be more vulnerable. Find a mentor. You don’t need a mentor. Be a mentor. Mentors don’t work. Find a sponsor. Your sponsor should be male. Your sponsor should…

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