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This feels a little awkward to be writing, but nevertheless I want to give it a try.

Almost twenty years ago, I took a holiday in Zanzibar. In Stone Town, I spent some time with a local guy, Hafidh, who pitched himself as a guide. I didn’t really want a guide, but he was pretty laid back, so we did a few things together, hampered though we were by limited common language. One evening we went to a football match at the local stadium; I think it was part of a regional tournament. What I remember most distinctly is that in the excited and joyful crowd of maybe ten thousand, I saw only perhaps a dozen white faces. I had a sudden strong sense of African skin as the original and natural colour of humankind, and that I, and those who looked like me, had had the colour drained out of us by some process of loss.

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The Tail of my Hell: Noel sur la Terre

Dr. Omed's Tent Show Revival

Bosch Birds Earthly Delights

I have finished, I think, the tale of my hell today.
It was really hell, the old hell, the one whose doors
were opened by the son of man.

From the same desert, in the same night, always
my tired eyes awake to the silver star, always,
but the kings of life are not moved, the three magi,
mind and heart and soul. When shall we go beyond
the mountains and the shores, to greet the birth
of new toil, of new wisdom, the flight of tyrants,
of demons, the end of superstition,
to adore—the first to adore!
Christmas on the Earth.

Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell

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Do not discriminate between the faults or virtues of the monks or whether they are senior or junior. You do not even know where you stand, so how can you put others into categories. Judging others from within the boundaries of your own opinions, how could you be anything other than wrong? Although there are differences between seniors and juniors, all are equally members of the assembly. Those who had many faults yesterday may be correct and clear today. Who can judge “sacred” from “common.” The Zen Monastic Standards states, “Whether foolish or wise, the fact that one trains as a monk provides for others a gift that penetrates everywhere.”

TENZO KYOKUN: INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TENZO by Eihei Dogen tr. Anzan Hoshin ,Yasuda Joshu Dainen

a vanitas


The Matter of Birth and Death is Great
Impermanence is Swift
All Be Mindful of This
Take Care Not to Waste Time

“Chiron” is done for now.

Updated with final version of painting.

it's still raw

My big paintings are taking all my time from the works on paper right now. I will share those here so you don’t forget about me.

Chiron lectures on war and sustainability oil on canvas 40 x 30″

If you click on the image through to a bigger image size, you will make me happy, because this painting is too big to show well at the blog display size.

Chiron lectures on war and sustainability

I was thinking about Epicurus again, this part of his extant teachings. I did a painting based directly on this passage last year, but Chiron above is definitely about this somehow for me. That means nothing for what you the viewer will make of it, and that’s completely ok.

Death is no concern to us. All things good and bad are experienced through sensation, but sensation ceases at death. So death is nothing to us, and to know this makes…

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How to Be a Woman (Advice from Other Women)


Why, I Would

Don’t talk about gender. Talk about gender all the time. Only talk about gender on panels designated for talking about gender. Gender plays no role in your career. Everything in your career is colored by gender. Look at everything through a gender lens. Stop using the phrase “gender lens.”

Feminism is over. Feminism just means equality. Feminism means acknowledging how historical inequality affects the present. Feminism is annoying. Feminism is for those who can’t make it on their own qualifications. Shut up about feminism. Feminism is no fun.

Lean in. Work twice as hard as a man would. Work half as hard as a man would. Lean back. Use power poses. Fake it ’til you make it. Smile. Don’t smile so much. Be more vulnerable. Find a mentor. You don’t need a mentor. Be a mentor. Mentors don’t work. Find a sponsor. Your sponsor should be male. Your sponsor should…

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